Negatives of Being a Traveling Nurse

While there are many positives to being a traveling nurse, such as being paid to travel the country and a higher salary then the average nurse. It also comes with many negatives as well.

First negative: Do you have a family? If not this may not be a bad thing for you, but for those that do have a family, you know how much it sucks to be away from your kids and husband/wife. Unless you bring your family along, there may be months where you will have to spend your time on the road.

Second negative: New environments all the time. You will be working at different hospitals every time you get placed to the next location so becoming familiar with each hospitals policies may become a challenge.

Third and last negative: No co-worker bonding. Sure you may make a few friends here and there but the times when you’re at a new hospital may only be a few months, it may be difficult to established friendships in the workplace. Unlike a normal nurse who get to work with other nurses, CNA’s, Phlebotomist, Ultrasound Technicians, Doctors, etc. You will have to establish these small and short relationships each time you arrive at a new place.

If none of these sound bad to you or they’re actually positives, then you may be a perfect fit to become a traveling nurse. It’s not only an extremely lucrative career but also an adventurous one.